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Employee Benefit Center     User Name:    local716            Password:    benefits

Local Union 716 Well Suite Assessment -This Link is for the Health Assessment Questionnaire.

  AFL-CIO, About Us - Global Unions

  CGI Benefits Group

  Insurance Programmers Inc.

National Building & Construction Trades Department

New England Pipe Trades Association

Maine State Building Trades

United Association

Government Links

Senator Susan Collins

House of the Senate

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree:

House of Representatives

Governor Lepage - E-Mail:

Tel: 207-287-3531    TTY: 207-287-6548      Fax: 207-287-1034

Legislators - Find your Maine Legislators On-Line

Representatives - Find your Maine Local Representatives On-Line


 Medical Links

American Cancer Society


Mesothelioma Guide

  Mesothelioma Cancer

  Mesothelioma Symptoms

  The Merck Manual - Online Medical Library

  National Library of Medicine - National Institutes of Health

  Incontinence and Medical Links Library├é┬« - A page of extensive, informative incontinence and

                                                                medical links from around the world

United Association

  United Association - Public Home Page

  United Association - About the United Association.

  United Association History - History of the United Association.  

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Pro Union Links

  Union Voice - Online activism

  Maine AFL-CIO - Maine AFL-CIO Home Page

  AFL-CIO  - National AFL-CIO Home Page

  AFL-CIO - AFL-CIO - Blog Page

  AFL-CIO - AFL-CIO About Us

  AFL-CIO - Political Portal

  AFL-CIO History - History of the Labor Movement and the AFL-CIO

  AFL-CIO - About the AFL-CIO  

  AFL-CIO, About Us - Global Unions

  AFL-CIO, About Us - Global Unions